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Early Garden - Mastering Home Gardening for Everyone

Whether you are container gardening, growing tomatoes, greenhouse gardening, or looking for garden seed, this site has something for every gardener, from home garden to market garden. Maybe you are thinking about garden layout and design, looking for some ideas, or dreaming about getting into the garden after a long, cold winter. We also have a great gardening community, where you can meet other gardeners, and ask for help to solve problems in our garden forum. A big focus of this site is on mastering a food producing home vegetable garden, particularly the very poplar, growing tomatoes.

But we go a little bit beyond just gardening basics. Everyone that has a cold climate winter knows just what people entering early spring are like. They can't wait to get outside after a long winter. When they do, they are greeted with dusty, dirty, and brown surroundings. This is a sign of opportunity for the home gardening enthusiast. There is nothing more invigorating for the human spirit than to see the first sign of green in the landscape, or the first flowers. Most gardeners will do whatever they can to hurry along that green hue in their lawn and garden. Likewise there is nothing better than the first taste of garden greens or the first ripe early tomatoes.

With this in mind I've attempted to inject some early gardening tips in each section on vegetable gardening, flowers and landscaping to help satisfy that need you have to green up your yard early, and help you get the most out of your gardening year. I've also included sections and garden journal entries about season extenders to help you start early and finish later, which should allow you to add at least a couple weeks onto each end of your gardening season. If you have a cold climate garden, let's help each other to have the earliest garden vegetables on the block to share with neighbors and friends.

After years of growing our own vegetables in our home garden, we'd like to share that information with you so you can grow your own food successfully too. Don't be afraid to get dirty or make mistakes. Get out there and do it, and then tell us about it in the garden forum. I hope there is something here for every gardener.

Most popular gardening how-to's

Growing Tomatoes - The most popular home gardening plant is a favorite for good reason. Here's a whole section on growing the best tomato plants in your neighborhood.

Secret to starting tomato transplants indoors - Starting tomato transplants indoors are a matter of light intensity, fertilizer and water requirements, temperature and simulated the wind. Balance these and you'll have no more leggy seedlings!

Tips for soaker hose irrigation under black plastic mulch - Having used these for nearly as long as I've been gardening, I've gathered together some tips for irrigating with soaker hoses to make your experience with soaker hoses a little nicer.

Ideas for clay soil amendments and soil compaction reduction - If you have a garden with clay soil you are going to have a hard time planting early because the soil stays wet so long. Here are some tips to reduce compaction all year long and amend your clay soil so you can get started earlier in the spring.

Season extenders for plant protection - For the most part we use season extenders to help get our garden out early while it is still somewhat cold outside, but there is another legitimate use - plant protection. That is, protecting plants that you just can't stand to lose to conditions like cold, wind or hail.

Garden ideas - Lot's more pages of garden ideas about gardening basics such as season extenders, irrigation, transplanting, soil amendment, selecting seed varieties and fixing garden problems.